“Romanian Agriculture will benefit from an investment of three billion Euros this year”

Agriculture will benefit from the investment of three billion Euros this year and 2.8 billion from EU funds, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Thursday during a press conference on «National Plan for strategic investment and job creation «.
“In agriculture, in 2013, through direct payments and complementary ones, Romania will enter the market with 2.8 billion Euros from EU funds. For the national program aimed to rebuild the irrigation system – Minister informed me that 100 million were already allocated.

The platforms designed for vegetables and fruits collection, investment in family farms, the mutual fund for supporting agriculture – basically around three billion invested this year, maybe more, in the area of agriculture. Again, based on good and healthy thinking, starting with last year and the natural support, this year will likely exceeded the predictions of 1.6% of annual growth, «said the Prime Minister, at the Victoria Palace.
On April 30, Prime Minister Ponta said that he consulted the European Commission’s latest estimates, which are positive, announcing a substantial production in Romanian agriculture compared to last year.
«I saw the latest estimations from the European Commission and those are positive. This means that we’ll have more income, more production, more budget revenues, we hope, and it’s important after last year when the weather conditions were a big problem for the development of Romanian agriculture. (…) I ask you, together with the Ministry of Finance, to always be pro-active in terms of payment of subsidies, aids and all that we must pay according to European regulations, «said the Prime Minister during the meeting.

Source: Agreco

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