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“Romanian Agriculture will benefit from an investment of three billion Euros this year”

Agriculture will benefit from the investment of three billion Euros this year and 2.8 billion from EU funds, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said Thursday during a press conference on “National

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Η τεχνολογία συνδυάζεται με την κηπουρική

Το «Click and Grow» αποτελείται από ένα γλαστράκι που περιέχει λογισμικό, αισθητήρες, μπαταρίες, μια αντλία, ένα μικρό δοχείο με νερό, σπόρους και θρεπτικά συστατικά. Δείτε το παρακάτω βίντεο

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Singapore now has a commercial vertical farm

You might just think of Singapore as a place where you should think twice about tossing a piece of gum into a public fountain lest you find yourself unable to

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Farming in Crisis (video)

Social Issue: One man looks at the challenges faced in Greece caused by the economic downturn and its effects on agriculture, through the eyes of young farmers (subtitled). By Pavlos